COPYWRITING / CONSULTANCY / SOCIAL MEDIA / community manager is the second largest classified website in the UK and has millions of users every month. As Community Manager it was my responsibility to manage a number of different aspects across the business.

My main role was increasing brand awareness of the website through the website and social media. I was also responsible for ensuring all moderation targets were met on a daily, weekly and monthly basis, and done so with the highest level of care so as to result in satisfied customers and repeat users.
Regular analysis and a clear understanding of businesses objectives were key to identifying any areas that needed change and my strong organisational skills were pivotal to this, but during my five years in the role I also implemented new strategies to handle customer complaints and disputes, new processes to help staff productivity and to improve customer experience.
I was also responsible for hiring new members of staff, providing training and motivation levels. I’m proud of having built excellent working relationships with members of my team and would often muck in during busy periods to boost morale and improve communication.
I worked closely with other key members of staff – including the Directors and Operations teams, so that I could use my skills to help build and develop the business to the point it is at today.